A downloadable game for Android

Tricky Twister is a colorful and energizing puzzle game perfect for quick relaxation moments. It offers a new twist on classical sliding tile games by introducing a new rotation principle for connecting hexagon color tile clusters. Expect a smooth, easy and compulsive gameplay, and take those tiles for a spin!

At the beginning, you're given one minute to play the game. Try to earn as many points as you can by blasting hexagons of the same color. Create color clusters of five or more hexagons by rotating any circle of six tiles. Use natural gestures: touch and slide to rotate color hexagon tiles. Just like Rubik's cube on flat surface. Earn cool power-ups, more points and extra game time for blasting 6+ hexagons or by creating explosive chain reaction

Enjoy beautiful animations, generous rewards throughout. And stay tuned for more fun!


TrickyTwister_1_0.apk 1 MB