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Challenging block puzzle inspired by classic brick games and tangram. Play this fun timekiller game to fill a few spare minutes... or hours. Train your spatial thinking - challenge yourself, compete with your friends, colleagues and family on Google Play Leader Boards

Touch & slide different shaped blocks around the 10x10 game board. Fit blocks into matching empty space like in tangram puzzle, and make full brick lines disappear from the board. Just like in classic brick game. Get extra bonus for clearing multiple brick lines, but keep the blocks from filling the board. No ticking clock, no time limit, no lives

Puzzle has two play modes. Revolver mode is classic retro brick game with block rotation. It features many difficulty levels and extra shapes. Challenge mode is pure hard core puzzle: no rotation, only classic tetromino shapes, lot more difficult and demanding


tetrocrate_1_2_19.apk 1 MB

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